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Reasons for having pt and pt-BR in a software

kinow @ Jul 17, 2016 14:14:03

Some time ago I found some spare time to work on a different Open Source project: SKOSMOS. SKOSMOS is a web based SKOS browser and publishing tool, used to create vocabularies using the SKOS ontology.

I decided to help with translation, but there was no Brazilian Portuguese option, only Portuguese. I used a few arguments to suggest that having Brazilian Portuguese would be a good thing.

Another Open Source project that I use in a side project is LanguageTool. LanguageTool is used for proof-reading, and uses rules to find spelling and grammar errors.

Today I saw a message in the LanguageTool mailing list discussing whether having a Brazilian Portuguese page would make sense, or if it would be better to have just Portuguese, and then add rules for special cases.

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