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Practical test doubles: adding stubs to TestLink Java API

kinow @ Oct 23, 2011 22:10:02

Test Double is a generic term for any case where you replace a production object for testing purposes” [1]. There are different types of Test Doubles: Dummy, Fake, Stubs, Spies and Mocks. In this post we will see a practical example of adding stubs to TestLink Java API.

Stubs are objects that return canned answers to calls during tests [1]. This is useful specially when you have a system that communicates with different resources such as databases, web services, XML-RPC services and so on.

TestLink Java API is a small Java project created to act as an interface between TestLink XML-RPC API and a client program written in Java.

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The Developers Conference (TDC) 2011 Botando o Jenkins para rodar seus testes

kinow @ Aug 20, 2011 22:45:03

Botando o Jenkins para rodar seus testes

The Developers Conference 2011
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When ?

TestLink and Hudson (now Jenkins) short tutorial in Automated Software Testing Magazine, issue March 2011

kinow @ Mar 22, 2011 22:16:56

Hi there, a new article about TestLink and Hudson (now Jenkins) was published, now in Automated Software Testing Magazine, issue March 2011. In this article you will find a short tutorial to set up a TestNG test and a simple Job to execute your automated tests.

Now we are writing a docbook document to explain with more details how the plug-in works and how you can play with it. We are also working in more samples, translation and video demos. Release 2.2 was planned for last Friday but I missed the date to add a new feature: TestLink platforms, this is the last known limitation in the plug-in.

Cheers :-)

Belgium Testing Days (BTD) 2011 How To Automate Tests Using Testlink And Hudson

kinow @ Feb 14, 2011 22:18:03

How To Automate Tests Using Testlink And Hudson

Belgium Testing Days 2011
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Brussels, Belgium
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Article about TestLink and Hudson integration published

kinow @ Dec 10, 2010 10:52:22

Since September I’ve been working on a project to integrate TestLink and Hudson. The project consists basically in a Hudson Plug-in that uses TestLink Java API to retrieve information of Automated Test Cases created in TestLink. You can read more about the plug-in in the following address:

I wrote an article in conjunction with Anderson dos Santos about this Plug-in. The article was published by Testing Experience in its December issue. The issue’s topic is Open Source Tools. You can download the whole magazine from Testing Experience website (I highly recommend downloading the magazine, there are some great articles there!).

Since we wrote the article we changed only the way we parsed the test reports. Instead of parsing only TAP report files, we decided implement TAP, JUnit and TestNG parsers. In the future we plan adding more parsers to others *nits and Selenium report files.

The plug-in is being used to automate acceptance tests in a CRM system that was developed by Sysmap Solutions. I will write about the automation process, experiences learned and mistakes to be avoided in future projects as soon as we finish writing the automated tests and setting up the Selenium Farm.

In the following days I’ll be writing more tutorials, guides and recording some video tutorials. In February of the next year this automation solution will be presented in the Belgium Testing Days event.