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Why am I learning Perl?

kinow @ Jun 15, 2011 23:35:08

Last month I attended the II Sao Paulo Perl Workshop, where I had the privilege of learning with the great talks performed by bryan d foy, Brad FitzPatrick and Larry Wall. For being a Java programmer, you can imagine how lost I was feeling there.

The first programming language that I had contact with was Perl. I was a 16 years old Slackware aficionado at that time, and was dying to have a web site with a guestbook . We did not have any cheap hosting services in Brazil that offered a PHP environment, but there were few companies that offered a free host with ads, and with Perl. I don’t remember which script I used, only that I found it in and that it stored the guestbook entries in disk. Now, ten years after, here I am playing with Perl again! :-D

Well, what was my idea of Perl before the event? I thought it was an old programming language, very powerful, but over complicated. And what do I think of Perl now? I think it is an old programming language, very powerful, but may be complicated.

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