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TDC 2011 Goiânia

kinow @ Oct 31, 2011 13:20:33

Here are the slides used in TDC 2011 - Goiânia. The same slides were used in the Testing and in the Java tracks, though with different titles. The only difference is the demo, that had more details in the latter track.

tdc_2011_goiania_ci by brunodepaulak

This was the last talk of the year, I have two more articles to go (MundoJ and STP) and then it will be time to practice slackline, surfing and dedicate some time to my family.

Have a great Halloween :-) Cheers

Missed JCertif

kinow @ Sep 07, 2011 00:36:11

Unfortunately I missed JCertif last weekend. My visa was in Brazzaville but I couldn’t board in a flight from Johannesburg to Congo without it. Max Bonbhel kindly tried to fax me the visa, but the last flight to Congo closed and I had to come back to Brazil sooner. :-(

Here is the slides that I was going to use there. Hope you take some time to read about TAP, SubUnit and other test protocols. There are two special points to pay attention to, one single format and extensibility.

Jcertif 2011 Tap by brunodepaulak

With a single format for your test results, you won’t need to write many different parsers, one for each distinct format. Extensibility refers to the fact that using formats like xUnit (like JUnit) or TestNG XML you are limited to the XML schema.

Many projects are aiming automation in different levels. Executing automated tests can lead to situations where you need to have information like the database used, JDK version, screen shots taken during some tests, exception stack traces, etc. TAP and SubUnit provide manners to extend your test result and inform to a test consumer (the tool that reads your test output) about such information.


TDC 2011 Floripa presentation about running your tests in Jenkins

kinow @ Aug 25, 2011 03:34:46

Last weekend I attended TDC (The Developers Conference) 2011 in Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil. It was my first time in Florianópolis, but the weather was cloudy and cold, so I couldn’t check out one of the prettiest cities in Brazil :-( Bummer.

Putting the weather aside, TDC was great! Basically, there were many nice, easy-going people gathering together to talk about subjects like Java, SOA, Arduino, Testing, Agile and more. I had the chance to talk with skilled and experienced people, see different talks and catch up Guilherme Motta (@gfcmotta) from ThoughtWorks, who I have met in Porto Alegre in the beginning of this year. He gave an interesting talk about crowd testing using games as example, but varying with applications in different areas too.

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Belgium Testing Days 2011 Pictures

kinow @ Mar 25, 2011 13:46:19

Here are some pictures of the event. The presentation is available in

(Sorry, after migrating the server I lost some pictures. Will upload it again soon!)


Belgium Testing Days 2011: Manage automated tests with TestLink and Hudson/Jenkins

kinow @ Feb 25, 2011 09:16:17

Slides used at Belgium Testing Days 2011: Manage automated tests with TestLink and Hudson/Jenkins

Belgium Testing Days 2011: Manage automated tests with TestLink and Hudson/Jenkins by brunodepaulak