r/functionalprogramming subreddit



Over 12K users subscribed in 8 years. A healthy community, with little moderation needed. Posts range from academic papers, to funny Youtube videos.

Some links showing where it was referenced:

  • link—”TupiLabs reports” where I blogged every week the progress with number of posts or new subscribers
  • linkSerokell blog post: “Stay Tuned: Best Haskell Resources to Follow” includes the subreddit in the list


Another subreddit that we recommend to join. Here you can find materials related to Haskell, OCaml, Elixir and other functional programming languages, including papers, news, theoretical materials and discussions of all new FP-related trends, like functional programming for deep learning.

  • linkAtomic Object blog post: “Tools for Learning About New Tech Communities” includes the subreddit in the list
  • linkYour Data Talks blog post: “I scraped a Reddit dataset and made a subreddit recommendation bot. Here is what it recommends for r/datascience users” where the subreddit appears in the position 85
  • link—Mentioned in Hacker News comments
  • link—Mentioned in Hacker News comments
  • link—Tweeted in a reply by Ziverge Tech CEO John A De Goes

  • link—Mentioned in other subreddits like r/javascript on this post “Best place for staying up to date with JavaScript.”

Honestly I just lurk on

r/functionalprogramming r/webdev r/javascript r/programming r/reactjs r/elm

and I feel like I keep up on stuff reasonably well :P

  • link—Mentioned in GitHub issues too
  • link—Mentioned in GitHub issues too