Removing invisible unread GitHub notifications
Blender rendering on NVIDIA Jetson Nano
Cyclic Workflows with Cylc and StackStorm
NZRSE 2020 Cylc UI Scalability
Notes on Apache Jena StreamRDFWriter
Using Lumino with Vue
Jenkins Active Choices with Jupyter Notebooks
Experimenting with Vuejs and Cytoscape
Dynamic breadcrumbs with Vue Router nested routes and Vuetify Breadcrumb component
Reddit r/functionalprogramming community
Cylc videos
Generating diagrams from a SQlite database with Python
A look at the first implementation of GraphQL in Cylc
Running fuzzers to find bugs
PyZMQ Basics - Part 1
How the Skosmos Widget Wiki plugin works
Running Cylc tasks on PBS Torque with Docker
What the weather forecast looks like in Sao Paulo, Brazil
A couple of class diagrams of JupyterHub
Cylc Scheduler Internals - Part 3
Use of Logging in Java Image Processing libraries
UUID's in Apache Jena
Creating a Docker container to run as a command
Cylc Scheduler Internals - Part 2
Multithreaded code and Pandas
Cylc Scheduler Internals - Part 1
ImportError when debugging cylc in Eclipse
A simple Cylc suite
What happens when you create a new dataset in Apache Jena Fuseki
What happens when you upload a Turtle file in Apache Jena Fuseki
Learning more about SPARQL and Jena internals
R Shiny + Ansible =
Exif Odd Offsets
Remember to synchronize when iterating streams from a synchronized Collection
Watch out for Locales when using NumberFormat with currencies
What Are Identification Keys
Using formatter exclusions with Eclipse
Quickly Verifying jar Signatures For ASF Releases
Removing Javadoc SVN Id Tags with Shell Script
Enabling Markdown Extension Tables For Piecrust
Finding Base64 implementations in Apache Software Foundation projects
Two other Maven Plug-ins: impsort and deptools
Checking for transitive dependencies use with Maven Enforcer Plug-in
SciCo 2017: An Introduction to the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)
How to remove the signature from e-mails with NLP?
Backward compatibility and switch statement with constant expressions
Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding
Securely using passwords with R
Apache Commons Text LookupTranslator
Some links related to Apache Commons Text
When you don't realize you need a Comparable
Troubleshooting a Jenkins Plug-in compatibility issue
Spring Cloud encrypted values and Spring PropertySources
Writing a binary parser in Python: NumPy vs. Construct
Fixing Qt warning "QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to QWidget "", which already has a layout"
Simulating less memory with ulimit
Using Google Natural Language API in an AWS Elastic Beanstalk application
Order of containers in Docker Compose
Using AWS MFA without a mobile phone
Apache Commons Lang: Memoizer
Apache Commons Text
Plotting Auckland with OSMnx
Contributing to Krita
Debugging an application that freezes the X server
PermGen errors and java.lang.ClassCastException: com.sun.crypto.provider.AESCipher cannot be cast to javax.crypto.CipherSpi running Jenkins plug-in tests with PowerMock
Using Requests Session Objects for web scraping
Changing Spring Boot environment variables in the command line
Add a header to a file with Shell script (sed)
Content negotiation with Spring Boot and React
Checking the operating system type in shell script
Using the AWS API with Python
Performance problems in Jenkins TAP Plug-in — part 1
Reading notes about DRMAA v2
Reasons for having pt and pt-BR in a software
Processing Vaisala Radiosonde data with Python, and creating GRUAN-like NetCDF files
Some Linux commands I used this week
Using Active Choices with Role Strategy Plug-in
Trying SaltStack with Docker
Geek Vacation 2016
Deploying WAR files to Tomcat with Jenkins
Learning afl and testing MapServer
How does the Jenkins Credentials Plug-in store passwords?
Modeling observation data in SOS (Sensor Observation Service)
Groovy Hooks in Jenkins for increasing logging level
Contributing to Apache Jena
Basic workflow of a SPARQL query in Fuseki
Cypher, Gremlin and SPARQL: Graph dialects
Strings transliteration in Java with Apache Commons Lang
Treemapping Jenkins Extension Points with R
Writing a custom SchemaSpy command for Laravel 4
Missing menus in new installation of TestLink 1.9.8
The Apache Way and on writing software reviews
Too many SQL variables exception in Graphite with SQLite3
Graphite: Broken images
Fix laggy Flash (Pepper) in Chrome
Learning with Open Source: Reviewing SVN commits log
git clone fails with fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'https'
Using Apache Commons Functor functional interfaces with Java 8 lambdas
Running BDD tests from TestLink in Jenkins
A quick view on Wordpress, Mantis and Jenkins plug-in API
Replacing a HashSet with a BitSet
Adding coverage reports in Jenkins with GoogleTest and gcovr
Jenkins, TestLink and GTest in 5 minutes (or so)
Bioinformatics tools: Stacks
Running word-count example on a Hadoop commodity-hardware cluster and on a Hadoop local installation
Integrating Nutch 2.x, MySQL and Solr
Invoking Testopia XML-RPC or JSON methods using Java
How I started in Open Source
Writing code to integrate Java projects to Testopia
Maven site tips: Maven Fluido Skin and Javadoc class diagrams
Ranges in Apache Commons Functor
Testing shell code and producing TAP using Jenkins?
Listing of current projects, achievements and my New Year's resolutions
TDC 2011 Goiânia
Practical test doubles: adding stubs to TestLink Java API
Building Jenkins with Eclipse and m2e plug-in
Missed JCertif
TDC 2011 Floripa presentation about running your tests in Jenkins
The Developers Conference (TDC) 2011 Botando o Jenkins para rodar seus testes
Bug hunting, new job and preparing presentations
Why am I learning Perl?
A comparison of TAP (Test Anything Protocol) and SubUnit
Belgium Testing Days 2011 Pictures
TestLink and Hudson (now Jenkins) short tutorial in Automated Software Testing Magazine, issue March 2011
Discussing the flexibility of TAP to cover information generated by TestNG
Getting the maximum from TestNG with TAP
Belgium Testing Days 2011: Manage automated tests with TestLink and Hudson/Jenkins
Code coverage helps, but it's not enough
Automating tests with Hudson and TestLink (pt-BR only)
Encontro Ágil 2010 - Lighting talk about Test Automation with TestLink and Hudson
Extract images from a Word document
tap4j - A new TAP implementation in Java
Jacobe Maven Plugin
New version of CCM Hudson Plugin released
TestLink BUG-1890: Possibility to add attachment by using API
CafePress Hudson Store
CCM Hudson Plugin
Code to change your message in MSN messenger
Displaying Japanese characters in Java Swing