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Poema: Magreza gorda

Ela me pergunta se trouxe algo gordo


Croissant magro com queijo amarelo magro
Torta magra feita com frango magro
Sanduíches de atum magros
E bolo de chocolate magro

Uma fineza

Poema de alguns anos atrás…

Poema: Ladrar na descida

Ouvi um latido
O cão parecia grande
Um rapaz passou por mim
Pensei comigo naquele instante
Puta que o pariu... fodeo

Poema de alguns anos atrás…

Science books and articles from Zinsser's "On Writing Well" book

“On Writing Well” is a book by William Zinsser, published for the first time in 1976 but already past its seventeenth edition. It is extremely well written - as it was expected for a book with such title - and also funny and simple to read.

A lunar vehicle

The book is full of excerpts and quotes from other books and articles, used as good or bad examples. In one of its chapters where Zinsser discusses writing about Science he lists books and articles on the topic that were well written.

This post contains books and articles mentioned on page 158 of the 2006 30th anniversary edition, except for the last article written by Glenn Zorpette that was on another page - but still looked interesting, so I decided to include it anyway.

Best place to find science fiction books in New Zealand

Since I moved to New Zealand it has been hard to find good science fiction sections in the local book stores. I really miss the Livraria Cultura at Avenida Paulista, or the Saraiva Megastores. Whitcoulls and Paper Plus do a good job, but they have very few series, only recent releases, and you do not feel that cool environment while you browse the books.

I found that small secondhand bookstores are the best places to find good books - not only science fiction - in New Zealand. Devonport has one, near the waterfront. Auckland has Jason books too, right in the CBD. Wellington, Dunedin and Queenstown too (the Queenstown one is on the second level in a small mall, you have to check it out!).

But last week I remembered my wife telling me about this web site, I found several books from my Wish List there, and also other Stephen King books recommended by the bookstore clerk from Queenstown.

Books from Hard To Find bookstore

If you are into science fiction, Asimov, Neal Stephenson, Peter H. Hamilton, Piers Anthony, Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen King, etc, I am sure you will enjoy going to the Hard To Find store in Onehunga. It is near the Dress Smart. So during week if you stop by Dress Smart, you can hop on their free bus from the city centre and later enjoy checking out the store too.

It is a two story house, with lots of rooms, with science fiction, New Zealand, maritime sports, arts, poetry, health, etc.

Happy reading!

Paper: Patterns for Introducing a Superclass for Test Classes

Few days ago we had SugarLoafPlop 2012 in Natal - RN

It is a conference on pattern languages of programming. About six months ago I saw a tweet by Eduardo Guerra asking if anyone had some cases where certain patterns were applied. It was a big coincidence, since I was working on Apache Commons Functor and some Jenkins plugins, both projects with cases that could be used in his paper.

So I joined Guerra and gave my small contribution to the paper that has been accepted for this edition of SugarLoafPlop. Guerra also went there to give a talk and participate in an open discussion about several papers, including ours.

I simply love when these things happen, it was great work with Guerra, and even better for being able to use Open Source examples in our paper.