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Use of Logging in Java Image Processing libraries

For IMAGING-154 I was trying to think in a solution for the existing Debug class. This class was the issue of discussion during a previous 1.0 release vote thread.

UUID's in Apache Jena

In this post I won’t talk about what are UUID’s, or how they work in Java. Here’s a great article on that. Or access the always reliable Wikipedia article about it. (or if you would rather, read the RFC 4122)

I found out that Jena had UUID implementations after writing a previous post. And then decided to look into which UUID’s Jena has, and where these UUID’s were used. This way I would either understand why Jena needed UUID’s, or just be more educated in case I ever stumbled with a change in Jena that required related work.

Creating a Docker container to run as a command

For the past two weeks at work I have been assigned to work on PHP projects. Though I used PHP some time ago - especially with Code Igniter and Laravel - I have not used it in a few years. And have been doing mostly Java nowadays.

The complete project setup was done by co-workers. I had a PHP project, using Symfony, several bundles and libraries, and Postgres. But it required just running a few commands to set up AWS settings, and then fire up Docker Compose.

Cylc Scheduler Internals - Part 2

This is part 2, in a series of posts about Cylc internals. The part 1 had the beginning of the workflow. And here we will have the continuation, from the moment the method configure() is called.

NB: this is a post to remember things, not really expecting to give someone enough information to be able to hack the Cylc Scheduler (though you can and would have fun!).

Multithreaded code and Pandas

Woman looking

Pandas provides high-performance data structures in Python. I think in Java there are similar data structures in projects like Apache Commons Collections, Google Guava, and also Trove.

In the Java libraries thread-safety is always a must-have feature. Probably as it is quite common for a Java program to have more than one thread, especially if the code runs in some sort of web container.

I recently learned that Pandas, on the other hand, does not guarantee any thread-safety. I found that while reading an issue about race condition in the IndexEngine, and after preparing a pull request for that.