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Missed JCertif

Unfortunately I missed JCertif last weekend. My visa was in Brazzaville but I couldn't board in a flight from Johannesburg to Congo without it. Max Bonbhel kindly tried to fax me the visa, but the last flight to Congo closed and I had to come back to Brazil sooner. :-(

Here is the slides that I was going to use there. Hope you take some time to read about TAP, SubUnit and other test protocols. There are two special points to pay attention to, one single format and extensibility.

Jcertif 2011 Tap by brunodepaulak

With a single format for your test results, you won't need to write many different parsers, one for each distinct format. Extensibility refers to the fact that using formats like xUnit (like JUnit) or TestNG XML you are limited to the XML schema.

Many projects are aiming automation in different levels. Executing automated tests can lead to situations where you need to have information like the database used, JDK version, screen shots taken during some tests, exception stack traces, etc. TAP and SubUnit provide manners to extend your test result and inform to a test consumer (the tool that reads your test output) about such information.


TDC 2011 Floripa presentation about running your tests in Jenkins

Last weekend I attended TDC (The Developers Conference) 2011 in Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil. It was my first time in Florianópolis, but the weather was cloudy and cold, so I couldn’t check out one of the prettiest cities in Brazil :-( Bummer.

Putting the weather aside, TDC was great! Basically, there were many nice, easy-going people gathering together to talk about subjects like Java, SOA, Arduino, Testing, Agile and more. I had the chance to talk with skilled and experienced people, see different talks and catch up Guilherme Motta (@gfcmotta) from ThoughtWorks, who I have met in Porto Alegre in the beginning of this year. He gave an interesting talk about crowd testing using games as example, but varying with applications in different areas too.

The Developers Conference (TDC) 2011 Botando o Jenkins para rodar seus testes

Botando o Jenkins para rodar seus testes

The Developers Conference 2011
Where ?
When ?

Bug hunting, new job and preparing presentations

It’s been a while since the last time I posted something here. The reason is that I have been busy fixing bugs in Jenkins TestLink Plug-in, TestLink, TestLink Java API, tap4j, Jenkins TAP Plug-in and other Open Source projects.

Recently I left Sysmap Solutions, where I was a consultant, to have my labor card signed by Lojas Riachuelo, a famous Brazilian fashion retailer (like C&A, Zara, H&M and so on), part of Guararapes group.

So I am still getting used to the new routine, new systems and be a employee rather than a consultant.

There are also two talks to come, one in a few days at TDC (The Developers Conference) 2011 in Florianópolis, and another one in the beginning of September at JCertif in Congo/Brazzaville. While I already bought the tickets and booked the hotel rooms, I still have to finish some slides and practical examples for both events.

I already have two draft posts that I am still writing. One about continuous integration and parallelism/concurrency, and another one about spell check in DocBook projects, specially if you are using Maven.

Today I had a new idea for a bioinformatics tool that is may be helpful for researchers and bioinformatics professionals. I will write about it as soon as I find some spare time, so stay tuned ;)

Time to get back to work!


Why am I learning Perl?

Last month I attended the II Sao Paulo Perl Workshop, where I had the privilege of learning with the great talks performed by bryan d foy, Brad FitzPatrick and Larry Wall. For being a Java programmer, you can imagine how lost I was feeling there.

The first programming language that I had contact with was Perl. I was a 16 years old Slackware aficionado at that time, and was dying to have a web site with a guestbook . We did not have any cheap hosting services in Brazil that offered a PHP environment, but there were few companies that offered a free host with ads, and with Perl. I don’t remember which script I used, only that I found it in and that it stored the guestbook entries in disk. Now, ten years after, here I am playing with Perl again! :-D

Well, what was my idea of Perl before the event? I thought it was an old programming language, very powerful, but over complicated. And what do I think of Perl now? I think it is an old programming language, very powerful, but may be complicated.