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Last month I wrote about Cyclic Workflows with Cylc and StackStorm and how few workflow managers support cyclic workflows.

I was surprised today while reading Prefect documentation to see this paragraph:

Most workflow frameworks act as if looping is impossible (stressing the Acyclic part of the DAG), but it’s actually trivial to implement. We simply dynamically unroll the loop, similar to how RNN gradients are sometimes computed.

Example of Unrolled RNN on the forward-pass (image from

Image source: A Gentle Introduction to RNN Unrolling

The API for cyclic workflows of Prefect appears to be limited when compared with Cylc and StackStorm, but they have a lot of integrations, and good documentation.

I had to re-work the example from the previous post a bit, as using prep as entry point resulted in prep present in every cycle. Their dependency and constraints algorithm is probably re-executing the whole cycle, or there may be another way to have optional tasks that I couldn’t find.

# file:
import prefect
from prefect import task, Flow
from prefect.engine.signals import LOOP
import time


def prep():
    cycle = prefect.context.get("task_loop_count", 1)
    logger = prefect.context.get("logger")
    time.sleep(INTERVAL)"prep.{cycle} says hi!")

def foo():
    cycle = prefect.context.get("task_loop_count", 1)
    if cycle == 1:
    logger = prefect.context.get("logger")
    time.sleep(INTERVAL)"foo.{cycle} says hi!")
    raise LOOP()

def bar():
    cycle = prefect.context.get("task_loop_count", 1)
    logger = prefect.context.get("logger")
    time.sleep(INTERVAL)"bar.{cycle} says hi!")

with Flow("hello-flow") as flow:
#flow.visualize() # need to pip install prefect['viz']

Running the workflow is really simple (simpler than both Cylc and StackStorm): python

(venv) kinow@ranma:/tmp$ python 
[2021-11-08 21:37:20+1300] INFO - prefect.FlowRunner | Beginning Flow run for 'hello-flow'
[2021-11-08 21:37:20+1300] INFO - prefect.TaskRunner | Task 'foo': Starting task run...
[2021-11-08 21:37:21+1300] INFO - | prep.1 says hi!
[2021-11-08 21:37:22+1300] INFO - | foo.1 says hi!
[2021-11-08 21:37:23+1300] INFO - | bar.1 says hi!
[2021-11-08 21:37:24+1300] INFO - | foo.2 says hi!
[2021-11-08 21:37:25+1300] INFO - | bar.2 says hi!
[2021-11-08 21:37:26+1300] INFO - | foo.3 says hi!
[2021-11-08 21:37:27+1300] INFO - | bar.3 says hi!
[2021-11-08 21:37:28+1300] INFO - | foo.4 says hi!
[2021-11-08 21:37:29+1300] INFO - | bar.4 says hi!

I had seen the RNN graph unrolling algorithm mentioned in their documentation while working on decyclify. I believe more workflow managers will start supporting cyclic workflows soon. It adds some complexity to the code, but so it does add dependency management, good logging, configuration, distributed execution, and so on.

Decyclify algorithm (image from

I am not sure if the way I linked tasks is following best practices for Prefect. There may be better ways so that Prefect can handle restarting workflows, for instance. But if you want to run cyclic workflows, now you have —at least— three options.