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r/functionalprogramming was created nearly seven years ago. It started when I was interested in contributing to Apache Commons Functor.

I created it to have a place to collect links about functional programming. To my surprise there was no subreddit for functional programming. So I created one. Fast forward a few years, the community is still active, with a healthy group of nearly 10.000 readers and contributors.

Nowadays I spend something like 5 to 20 minutes everyday moderating posts. And a little more than that whenever I find some interesting post to read. But if I could change one thing in the community, it would be to find more moderators.

It is a huge responsibility to be the sole moderator of content read by thousands of readers. Whilst I try to stay neutral, and keep it a healthy community, I feel like having other people with different background and opinions would be good for the future of the community.

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