Creating a logo in Inkscape - process

kinow @ 2019-02-16 22:25:43 ()

This weekend I spent some computer time not writing or reading code, but actually toying around with Inkscape to create a logo. While it created using very simple operations in Inkscape, it took me quite a while to remember the shortcuts and how to merge objects.

This logo is not actually used. It was an entry to a call for proposals.

The Process

This post won’t have much text. It will be more screen shots of the process with short commentaire.

Started by creating a text element with the initial text
And added the other initial elements for the logo (imported SVG)
Change font settings and try to create initial composition (or at least the gist of it)
Experiment some different colours and ideas
Though thinking again it does not look very good
As the logo is about an anniversary, maybe adding some party hats, confettis, etc
Review colour palette, alignment, etc
Maybe I went too far
Now just trying to find the right balance
Looking good!
Now re-read the requirements for the logo, and remember it needs a phrase
Make it fancier
Et voilĂ !

And a bug

During the step of making the text fancier, when I tried to add a ribbon with text and the bend effect, when moving the ribbon grouped with the text and after saving the file, the text changed in some strange way.

Bug in Inkscape

Now just need to finish reading how to report bugs to the Inkscape project to send it to the developers.