Cylc Scheduler Internals - Part 2

This is part 2, in a series of posts about Cylc internals. The [part 1]({% post_url 2018-07-14-cylc-scheduler-internals-part-1 %}) had the beginning of the workflow. And here we will have the continuation, from the moment the method configure() is called.

NB: this is a post to remember things, not really expecting to give someone enough information to be able to hack the Cylc Scheduler (though you can and would have fun!).

The configure method is responsible for configuring the Suite Server Program. Which means it will interact with the configuration singletons to retrieve the necessary configuration for the program.

It also interacts with other objects that store state, and also creates basic data structures and objects required for a suite program (e.g. Queues).

This is also where the contact file is created, as well as the HTTP server.

You can download the <a href="/assets/posts{{page.path | remove: “.md” | remove: “_posts” }}/cylc-scheduler_configure-src.png">source file for the diagram used in this post, and edit it with

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