Writing code to integrate Java projects to Testopia

Peter Florijn and I are writing a Jenkins plug-in to integrate several test tools into Jenkins, something similar to what is done in TestLink plug-in. It’s still an idea being explored, and the whole project is subjected to changes without warning. The code is at https://github.com/kinow/testthemall.

The first tool that we are integrating is not TestLink, but Mozilla Testopia. As part of the process to integrate these tools, many Java API’s to interface the existing external APIs will be created, like it was done in TestLink with TestLink Java API.

Installing Testopia is very easy and straightforward. This was the best guide that I could find, and worked without errors at my Debian Squeeze. I only had to move the directories from /var/www to my home directory (I use my PHP Eclipse workspace as Apache home).

Testopia has a XML-RPC APi, just like TestLink, however it lacks an user friendly documentation and examples. I migrated the Java driver from Ant to Maven, for the sake of commodity. But the XML-RPC server is complaining that I have to log-in before listing the test cases of a test plan.

If you are interested in using Java and Testopia, here’s the link for the java project with Maven support: https://github.com/kinow/testopia-java-driver. I will update the project with examples, more tests and will try to clean up the code. Probably I will use either GitHub pages or a Wiki somewhere to document how to use Testopia and Java.

Stay tuned!