Tis’ the end of 2011! Yay! Throughout this year I’ve heard people repeatedly saying that I had too much on my plate, and that I should quit some projects, stop giving talks, start surfing again amongst other things. Now, looking back, although I’m quite happy with my achievements in 2011, I can see their point.

In 2010 I started working as Software Quality Engineer with Anderson Santos. He was the greatest supporter of many of my ideas, so although we stopped working together in 2011, I’m still grateful to him for all he taught, for his advices and for spending some time guiding me.

He motivated me to start giving talks, going to more conferences and contributing more actively to Open Source projects. Since then, I’ve given almost 10 talks, including one in Belgium Testing Days, another one in Oracle JavaOne and in March next year I will be in America for a talk in STPCON. I also missed JCertif conference in Congo due to visa problems and learned some lessons from it (so sorry Max :)

I’ve also joined few Open Source projects, including TestLink, Jenkins, created tap4j, testlink-java-api, Jenkins CCM, TestLink and TAP plug-ins. Was included as contributor to Apache Functor project due to some minor contributions. And what is the most important thing: I had a lot of fun doing all of this! And learned so much!

There are also the articles! About ten papers, for German, American and Brazilian computer magazines. Most of them written in English (I still have a lot to learn, I know). This helped me to achieve IELTS 7 band score few days ago!

I’ve also completed three years since I met Cibele, and probably will be a proud husband in 2012 :-) Couldn’t have done none of these items mentioned here without her by my side. As well as friends like Cesar Fernandes and Brian P. Bourke. Thanks mates!

In 2011 I jumped parachutes for the very first time, started practicing slack line, surfing, climbing, went to Europe and Africa for the first time. And I started drawing again! Even illustrated two of my articles.

Finally, I’m founding TupiLabs with Cesar Fernandes. It’ll be a company to work and create solutions using other Open Source tools (Hadoop, Biojava, TestLink, Jenkins, Chef, Apache, etc). Although there are plenty companies like that in US and Europe, there ain’t many here in Brazil and South American in general; yet! We are still finishing some projects to release in January 2012 together with a new TupiLabs website.

Righto so… what’s next for 2012? Here is a list of my current projects, followed by my new year’s resolution list for 2012. 480 Current projects (or short time TODO list)

  • Fix Jenkins TestLink Plug-in issues
  • Update Jenkins TestLink Plug-in documentation
  • Finish some issues (includes testing) in TestLink
  • Enhance reporting in TestLink
  • Enable themes and templates in TestLink
  • Document TestLink XML-RPC API (with Andre and Mario Fuentes)
  • Propose a DocBook for TestLink documentation
  • Release a new version of CCM plug-in
  • Finish first public project of TupiLabs (PHP website using CodeIgniter) @see www.garagemvaga.com.br, a website to find and rent parking places
  • Update GoogleTest TAP Listener (create configure, makefile, test with trunk version)
  • Rewrite tap4j parser as a recursive descent parser, like SnakeYAML's one. So the user will be able to see the line + column of the error, as well as the next expected production.
  • Write a parser for MrBayes blocks in BioJava phylo module. @see https://github.com/biojava/biojava-legacy/pulls
  • Write set of bioinformatics plug-ins for Jenkins and tools, to enable any ordinary computer user to create his/her biology workflow system (I'm calling this project temporarily BioUno)
  • Finish to set up my home Beowulf cluster (have to go to St. Efigenia to buy the missing boards and cables)
  • Finish presentation for STPCon
  • Send two contributions for GMapEz (first one is the dynamically add markers, second is an option to expose globally the GMap2 object, useful when the map is not automatically rendered on the page)
  • Finish writing Nebular, a pure Java fuzzy API, which will support traditional fuzzy logic, as well as Type2 Fuzzy Logic. It will use Apache Functor and Apache Math.
  • Contribute to Apache Functor with more tests, address each item pointed by Emmanuel Bourg during vote for release 1.0 in the mailing list.

And for 2012:

  • Parachutes course and international license
  • Diving license
  • Become an Apache committer
  • Deploy a biology workflow system using Jenkins and a cloud provider (Amazon?, CloudBees?, Heroku?, OpenStack?, ...) in a national university
  • Take this biology deployment to Kumamoto (my family's province in Japan), with the help of Sao Paulo Kumamoto Kenjinkai
  • Catch a fish with more than 20 kilos
  • Add Fuzzy Logic to Jenkins, using Nebular
  • Become a part time illustrator
  • Make more plushes
  • Play guitar, bodhran and whistles more regularly
  • Take some classes in Irish dancing (looks like there is a place in Sao Paulo...)
  • Go to Naga Cable Park in Jaguariuna to practice wake board.
  • Surf more regularly
  • Buy a slack line and find a place to practice more frequently
  • Go back to Nihongaku 13.Jan - Am now taking private classes with Fukuda Sensei in a Starbucks near Paraiso station, yay!
  • Learn more! The more I read and learn, the more I realize I still need to learn :-O
  • Have TupiLabs as only job, not as a side project anymore
  • Go to Chile. They have good wine and I would like to check out one of the best places to live in South America

See you in 2012!

Cheers, -B