TDC 2011 Floripa presentation about running your tests in Jenkins

Last weekend I attended TDC (The Developers Conference) 2011 in Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil. It was my first time in Florianópolis, but the weather was cloudy and cold, so I couldn’t check out one of the prettiest cities in Brazil :-( Bummer.

Putting the weather aside, TDC was great! Basically, there were many nice, easy-going people gathering together to talk about subjects like Java, SOA, Arduino, Testing, Agile and more. I had the chance to talk with skilled and experienced people, see different talks and catch up Guilherme Motta (@gfcmotta) from ThoughtWorks, who I have met in Porto Alegre in the beginning of this year. He gave an interesting talk about crowd testing using games as example, but varying with applications in different areas too.

Now I just finished uploading my (few) slides used during presentation to slideshare and scribd. The examples that I used during the presentation were MyBatis, Spring petclinic example (which runs only in tomcat 6.0.29, so they could do with integration tests in different servlet containers) and a lua project with Lua Test More and Jenkins tap-plugin. Below you will find a link to my presentation and some other useful stuff for Jenkins and testing. Specially the Selenium projects.

Tdc 2011 Jenkins by brunodepaulak

I also met Elias Nogueira (@eliasnogueira) and Cristiano Caetano (@c_caetano) there. I have been hearing about them since I started working with quality, last year. Elias was the coordinator of the Testing Track in the event. Thank you Elias, for all your support and patience mate!

That’s it, time to pack things and prepare for JCertif 2011 next week!

Cheers :)

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