You can reach me at @kinow, or catch up with me near Paulista Avenue, in Sao Paulo city. Look for me in bookstores, walking on the streets or in the nearby pubs.

New projects

I’m always open for new projects. Don’t be shy. Are you in Sao Paulo? My local is O’Malleys pub, near Paulista Avenue. If you ever stumble with me round there, I would be delighted to hear more about your ideas.


Drawing, comics, logos and illustrations are my hobby (as well as trying to surf, slack line or play bodhran). If you have any question, or would like to use my work, just drop me a message.


I have special interest in universities, companies, researchers or programmers involved with computational bioinformatics. I have an Open Source project that integrates several bioinformatics tools using Jenkins and continuous integration techniques. If you have any interest on this, plase feel free to drop me a message at any time, or check out the project webpage.