About & CV


I’m Bruno P. Kinoshita, born in 84 in Sao Paulo city, Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m a typical Paulistano, and just love this city!

I started having fun with computers back in 98, and got my first job with computers years later working for a mobile carrier, in the VAS team. Back then I was a Java developer, but so far I’ve worked as Software Quality Engineer for about two years too, Infrastructure Engineer for about the same time, and lately I’ve been doing DevOps and Data Analysis projects.

Although I’ve had to wear different hats (even had my moment with bioinformatics :), I’ve always programmed in Python, Java, Perl, R, C and C++, or some other language. In 2012 I’ve received the honor to become part of Apache Software Foundation as an Apache Commons Committer!

Apart from computers, I also like playing guitar, mandolin, or tin whistle. Climbing, judo, slack lining, dancing, swimming, and some times working out in the gym. Drawing, watching movies, reading science fiction, Haruki Murakami and books assorted.

I’ve already been to New Zealand, Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, South Africa and United States. And, as many Brazilians (99% of the population I guess), I’m mixed race. My dad’s parents are from Kumamoto, Japan, and my mom’s parents are half Brazilian natives and half French (I think).

Feel free to get in touch through my Twitter or GitHub accounts. For further information, you can also check my complete CV as a PDF, or online here.

That’s all folks! Valeu!


Here are some of the books that I read or that I am reading. And here are some of the movies that I watched.

My current computer is a Lenovo Thinkpad T530, i7-3720QM (8 threads/4 cores/6 MB cache), 16 GB 1600 MHz, 128 GB SSD disk + 500 GB 5200 RPM magnetic disk. My operating system is a Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Xubuntu packages installed, running a mix of development environment for some programming languages, plus VM’s, Docker containers, and illustration tools.

Before that I used a Dell Inspiron N5110, i5-2430M (4 threads/2 cores/3MB cache), 6 GB 1333 MHz, 128 GB SSD disk + 500 GB 5200 RPM. Also using Ubuntu, but 14.04.1 LTS with Xubuntu.